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About The Conservatory

The highly qualified staff at the Conservatory teach Violin, Viola, Cello and String Bass to students of all ages and skill levels, and is growing to meet the needs of the greater Corona area.  


While the local schools teach band programs very well, strings are not covered to the same level.  To help balance this, we began the Corona Symphony Conservatory.  Immediately, the program garnered support from students and the community. 


The Conservatory offers a complete curriculum for every level of player, including small group lessons, music theory and a large performance ensemble, and eventually participation in our Corona Youth Symphony.  Our focus is on Classical literature, and we have orchestrated, arranged, and composed music for the Conservatory needs in an effort to make this literature accessible to even the most beginning students.  We have created a curriculum and structure that can grow to serve hundreds of students playing orchestra instruments that are not currently served by public school music programs, often due to budgetary and other logistical concerns.


The Conservatory also acts as a bridge between young musicians, their parents, the community and the Corona Symphony.  Our goals are to create a program which both supports the Symphony and benefits from the musical experiences the Symphony offers.  The Conservatory is actively teaching toward the long term goal of a child that began at the Conservatory joining the Corona Symphony as a full-fledged professional member.