Prelude strings

Lead by Goran Ivanov, the Prelude Strings are the first level Orchestra that the kids can join. Students past A Tune A Day Book One, and approved by Goran Ivanov or Lori Bonner can join the Prelude Strings and enjoy learning music along with their classmates of the same level. 

This group primarily focuses on learning to follow a conductor and learning to play in an ensemble. It is the first time that students get to take the "at-home" practising with a music stand, to a live performance space with musicians to the left and right of them. It takes incredible amounts of effort to learn to be able to play your part while ensuring you're following the conductor and staying up to tempo with everyone around you.

This group also learns how to properly tune instruments, what to have with you during ensemble playing, as well as all essentials to music literature, dynamics, and it covers the proper ways for a student to follower a Conductor's Baton effectively.

Circle city strings

Under the direction of Goran Ivanov, this is the second most-advanced group that students are able to join within the Conservatory. This group, playing more advanced pieces then the previous focuses a lot more on tonality and quality of sound. From contrast in dynamics to different types of sound, Goran Ivanov's job is to now teach them the essentials of good orchestral playing.

Often considered the most memorable experience of a student's experience at the Corona Symphony Orchestra, this group prepares them for all that is to come in the most advanced group - the Corona Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Corona youth symphony

Lead by Joe Dudek,  a Music Director with an exceptional background who is also the Band & Orchestra Director at Santiago High School, this group is the most advanced audition group of the Corona Symphony Conservatory. Including a full instrument sound of Brass, Winds, Strings and Percussion, this group often focuses on how to create an exceptional sound. At this level, the students have a very good understanding of their instrument and are now tasked with learning how to work with Phrasing, Harmonic Blend, Dynamics, and how to be under the lead of a Baton.

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