No Conservatory until January 22nd... what now?

Hey guys!

First of all, on behalf of the entire Conservatory Staff, good job to everyone that performed at the concert!

All three groups did absolutely amazing, and we could not be more proud of your guys' performance.

In case you missed the concert, we now have a YouTube Channel under the name of

"Corona Symphony Conservatory" that you can find a recording of the performances.

Here are some pictures of the Concert Experience this concert!

So, now that we don't have conservatory until the next season (January 22nd.) as Mr. Mickey mentioned during the concert, we strongly encourage you to find Private Lessons, and keep practicing during this break!

It's always best to keep advancing your playing while you're not in the program. - It will also benefit you by hopefully moving you up once we start!

Unsure what to practice? - The best case scenario would be practicing what your teacher last gave you over and over again until you can do it 10 times with no mistakes! - Then, slowly try moving forward in your book and practice what you see next. - However, as mentioned before, without a private instructor this will be rather challenging.

Make sure to keep practicing, and have lots of fun this break!

See you all next season

Mr Goran & the Conservatory Staff!

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