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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

With a concert this November 20th, I thought I'd share a bit of info regarding how to prepare, as well as some advise from myself and your fellow Teachers for this concert!

This post will serve as your little guide as to what to bring to ensure you or your child does their best up on that stage!

The Night Before

It's important that you make sure you have everything prepared a day in advance, that way you have a clear head to think about the important stuff the next day!

Firstly, make sure you and your child get enough sleep! It's impossible to perform at your best without being rested thoroughly. Ensure you've practiced enough for the big day, and go over any fingerings and/or marks you need to make on your music!

Make sure your music is neatly in a Binder (1/2 an inch, or 1 inch) that way it can fit on the stands without glare, or without the danger of it being blown over.

Ensure you have your clothes prepared. Dress code has been covered the rehearsal before-hand, but here it is just-in case!

Prelude Strings (Mr. Goran)

Black and White. Gentlemen may wear a tie as long as it is black or white. Please wear the darkest shoes possible!

Dark top, white bottom, or white top and black bottom. - Both work =)

Your shoes don't have to be dress shoes. At this age, kids grow incredibly fast, so, parents - don't go through the trouble of buying them dress shoes, Unless you already have them!

Circle City Strings (Mrs. Bonner)

Black. - Gentlemen who will be wearing a black suit coat may wear a white dress shirt. Please wear the darkest shoes possible.

Corona Youth Symphony (Mr. Dudek)

Formal Concert Attire.

Guys - White Dress Shirt, with a black Tie or Bow-Tie. - Black Dress Pants, and Black Dress Shoes.

The Day-Of

Parents, make sure your cameras, and/or phones are charged and ready to take a picture/video of your child shining on stage. -Please do NOT take any flash photography during the performance!

Make sure your get a good breakfast in! - You'll have lots of nerves going through you. The last thing you want is to be starving and thinking of food mid-performance. - On the contrary... be careful.. the last thing we really also don't want is thinking of "how to not-throw-up" mid performance!

Ensure your violin is Tuned & Your Bow Rosined! - We will make sure to tune all the instruments before the concert, but giving us less-work is always appreciated!

Make sure you go over the important details your conductor talked with you about!

Here are some things Conductors Specifically Requested:

Mr Goran: Make sure you pay attention to the Dynamic changes in Antelope Creek, as well as Star Wars! Cellos, make sure we count the "1,2,3" counts on our solo part, and Firsts, ensure you have the main theme solo down!
Mr Doodek: To be Filled
Mrs. Bonner: Dance Macabre - When practicing, pay special attention to the extreme Dynamic Shifts and Articulation changes. Sleeping Beauty - Practice the Hemiola sections carefully, counting out-loud.

Be on Time!

The Time-Calls are:

Prelude Strings: ON STAGE by 5:00

Circle City Strings: ROOM 190 by 5:00

Youth Symphony: REHEARSAL ROOM by 6:00

Remember: We Sell Professional Recordings of our Concerts on Disk!

We will also have the concert recorded, and posted on YouTube. (It will be posted on the website!)

Only for $5 you can get a disk of your child's performance and remember that season, the sweat, tears, and many hours spent practicing to make that concert possible!

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